Ruffle Me To Sleep

is the cutest and most comfortable line of sleepwear and robes to bring lounging to
a whole new level of luxury and style.
The story of how this unusual business came to be is just as enchanting as the colorful items themselves.

sewing woman


Once upon a time, in a land-by-the-sea, there lived a girl who dreamed of making beautiful clothes.
She loved to sew and learned her craft as a little girl watching her mother work magic on gowns for the Royal Court of a realm called Hollywood.

The girl’s dream of becoming a fashion designer came true as she traveled the realm and used her creative magic on party dresses for all that attended the Royal Balls and parties.
Her greatest happiness was seeing her creations come to life, and witnessing the joy they brought to near and far.

But alas, as the centuries passed and the parties and balls began to fade away, more and more of the villagers abandoned dressing up, and fell under the spell of the dismal Holy Sweats.
Gone were the luscious gowns of before, and soon everyone was wearing sacks in dismal styles.

Oh no, what could she do? How could she break the spell?
One day while in her garden, a little bird perched on her shoulder, ruffled his feathers and chirped
“loungewear, loungewear”...

“That’s it!” said the girl. “I will design the cutest and most comfortable line of sleepwear and robes.
They will be oh-so-sweet, pretty enough to be worn as lingerie, yet contemporary enough to answer the door should Prince Charming happen to knock.
Everyone will be mesmerized by the frills and I will transform the robes of the entire village.”
The very next day, as she strolled the streets of the village peppered with art galleries, shops and quaint hidden walkways, she came across a sunny shop on the boulevard known as Dolores Street where she could set up shop and create to her heart’s content.
The villagers, and travelers from far and wide, soon felt the magic in the air and came to the little shop to marvel at the enchanted lounging clothes.
As the girl did her magic, she saw the dismal spell beginning to wear off and she knew the little bird on her shoulder was right.
​And that is how Dee Borsella’s loungewear and store called


came to be, where as long as there is creative magic mixed with delighted customers,
there will always be a happily ever after.