Bed Jackets

bed jacket waffle plush LAVENDER (sold out)

Soft and rippled with waffle tufts of plush, this cozy topper is perfect when you don’t want the length of a robe but need an extra layer of warmth on top. It’s easy to button over your pajamas for instant comfort to enjoy morning coffee on the porch or a couple chapters of your favorite novel in bed. Beautifully tailored in a “jacket” style with a shawl collar, button front, cuffed long sleeves, and 2 patch pockets. SOLD OUT

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Luxurious, cloud-like softness – Minky is the ultimate fabric for plush loungewear! It is a synthetic fiber called Microfiber, finer and smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk (which is approximately one denier), which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. The most common types of Microfibers are made from polyesters and recycled water bottles. It is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. It comes in all sorts of styles, from smooth surface to faux fur, in colors and patterns.

Wash in warm or hot water with mild liquid detergent. No fabric softeners – they clog the open spaces in the microfiber, making the fabric stiff. To ensure the longest lasting microfiber, air dry is best. Microfiber dries relatively quickly. If you use a dryer, set it on low heat or no heat. Dry with other microfiber products only.