Pillow Cases



Some of my friends can’t believe I let my cats sleep in bed. They just don’t understand that cats insist on a certain quality of life. If cats want in the bed, then that’s where they will be. Even though fluffy little kitties manage to turn into purring concrete bricks, I don’t mind. When cats take over the universe, I want some solid allies! This Sleeps With Cats Pillow Cover is a unique, personal, and cute cat lover gift. Let’s face it, you didn’t choose your cat, he chose you. You’re not her owner, you are a member of her staff. So, show some gratitude with this cat pillowcase. You are lucky the cat allows you in the bed!



With the understanding that quality sleep is integral to our health and well-being, Faceplant was launched in 2008 to provide a range of products to help you enjoy deep, nourishing sleep. “Shop it all” to find everything you need to lounge on a Sunday morning, relax after a trying day and settle in for the best sleep of your life. It starts with natural cotton fabrics that take your breath away and ends in classic and cozy sleep related goodies that feel like a long hug and a hot bath. The research is clear, deep sleep with time to dream is essential to a healthy and happy life. At Faceplant, they’re dedicated to inspiring your sweet dreams.
100% gloriously soft cotton, Printing is soft and breathable Beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting, Beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting, 300 thread count, Fits both Standard and Queen pillows – 20″ x 31”, Becomes softer with every wash.