pajama set cotton voile AUTUMN DRIFT


This pattern is the most beautiful shade of blue with a subtle flower detail, this super soft pair of pajamas will keep you cool with its light weight drape of fabric. Detailed with a matching ruffle.


Cotton Batiste is a lightweight, semi-sheer cotton fabric originated in the 1300’s by weaver John-Baptiste Cambray. During this time, it was mainly used for handkerchiefs. Nowadays, Batiste is typically used for blouses, lingerie, and in high-quality clothing. Seek the best the Earth has to offer with our array of Organic Batiste Fabrics. Untouched by pesticide, herbicides and insecticides, these fabrics are not only good for the environment, but good for the wearer as well. Each fabric featured here presents a soft, luxurious hand that is sought after time and time again.

The abundance of organic Batiste lounge wear we offer here at Ruffle Me To Sleep is of the softest cotton and comes in various colors and patterns. All our fabrics are pre-washed before construction, so the garments do not shrink.

For best care, hand-wash lightweight fabrics, such as Batiste and Voile, in a small basin filled with lukewarm water and one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Hang to dry or press damp with a hot iron to remove wrinkles.

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Cotton Voile