pajama set cotton poplin CREAM POPPYS


This pull-over style is perfect for breakfast gatherings. Full length pants and a comfy 3/4 sleeve.  The contrasting trim gives these pajamas a fun casual look! Perfect for travel!

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The name POPLIN comes from a French origin but the fabric is popular all over the world. The fabric goes back to the 19th and 20th century when women were looking for practical and more budget-friendly options that would allow them to move freely as they were exploring territories that were restricted only to men. They needed dress fabrics that would look good and be comfortable to wear all day long.
This forgiving fabric was originally made for commonplace attire, but can now be found in every day and haute couture pieces. Nowadays 100% cotton poplin is one of the most common fabrics on the market. The resulting material is a thin yet durable fabric that drapes well while retaining its sturdiness.

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