pajama set cotton double gauze NANI STARS

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These pajamas are styled with a complimentary colored lapel and ruffles. The whimsical speckled pattern makes these pajamas perfect for entertaining morning guests in style! MEDIUM ONLY

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Cotton double gauze is a soft, airy fabric made from two layers of cotton gauze fused together. It features the loose, open weave of cotton gauze but with greater opacity, warmer hand, and more full-bodied drape. Similar in texture to cheesecloths (a smooth, buttery, gauze-like cloth with a fine weave) and bandage fabrics (a flat, uniform, tightly woven mesh), they are lightweight and slightly crinkled for a cozy look. Here at Ruffle Me To Sleep, we use this fantastic comfortable, double-layered woven material for warm sleepwear. It comes in several colors and prints and all our fabrics are pre-washed before construction, so the garments do not shrink. A more durable fabric than Batiste and Voile, Double gauze can be machine washed and dried to maintain its softness.The more the Gauze is machine washed and dried, the softer it gets.