pajama set cotton double gauze BUNNY LOVE PINK


BUNNIES, initially people used rabbit to describe baby rabbits and “bunny” for adults, but in modern times, those meanings have switched. In short, nobody knows where the word came from. We only know people have been using it since the 1500s to describe the flop-eared cuties. And they are pictured all over the fabric of these pajamas, sooo soft and perfect for morning lounging.

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Double Gauze is a soft, lightweight, and slightly airy fabric. It’s made from two thin and loosely woven layers of cotton that are basted together every ⅜” or so. These stitches form a subtle grid over the entire fabric that can hardly be seen from the right side.

This fabric is very soft, not as heavy as flannel, but can keep you warm.

All our fabrics are pre-washed before construction, so the garments do not shrink. As this fabric is not as heavy as flannel, these pajamas are best machine washed on delicate and tumbled in a warm dryer to keep them soft. No fabric softener or bleach.