gown strappy cotton sateen PURPLE STARS


Sleeveless bias cut tank gown with a flirty hem. A full body and a pinch shorter, above the knee. This gown matches the trim on a kimono robe. Available in three sizes. SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE


Cotton Sateen fabric has a semi-glossy surface, allowing this understated fabric the opportunity to shine. Sateen’s softness is maximized and amplified through the mercerization process, a process in which the fabric is soaked in several baths for ultimate softness. With excellent drape and natural breathability, we at Ruffle Me To Sleep use our cotton Sateen with its many patterns, for luxury sleepwear and lightweight robes.

All our fabrics are pre-washed before construction, so the garments do not shrink. A more durable fabric than Batiste and Voile, Sateen can be machine washed and dried to maintain its softness.

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Cotton Sateen