cabin cotton yarn dyed TURQUOISE

Plaid, plaid plaid, vintage look and feel of the softest cotton, mixed patterns on lapel, cuffs, and trim. Pre washed to prevent shrinking. (sold out)

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In most cases, yarn-dyed fabrics will be done in designs like stripes, or plaids, or ikats. While there are virtually no design limitations for printed fabric, there can be some limitations with yarn-dyed fabrics, but it just makes them all the more special.

Yarn dyed fabrics are yarns that are dyed into specific colors before being woven into a design. So the design is literally part of the fabric. This takes additional time, planning, and engineering to achieve a particular design. Why we really love yarn-dyed fabrics is because of their old-world charm and character within each piece. If you are a fan of retro style, you’ll love our ‘cabin cotton’ robes.

Our yarn dyed fabric is 100% cotton pre-washed, so it doesn’t shrink. Machine wash and dry to make the garments softer and softer.

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Cotton Yarn Dyed